Couples Therapy

Unified Family Therapy offers couples therapy. A couple trying to communicate.
Couples Therapy can help you navigate the challenges that occur in every relationship.

Every relationship will go through transitions, growth, conflict, and communication challenges. Having the tools needed to navigate these obstacles is essential. Whether you are currently navigating a relationship looking for tools to be closer than ever, deciding how to move forward from conflict, wanting to grow in a new direction, or trying to navigate a separation Unified Family Therapy can help. We offer couples therapy for couples experiencing divorce, conflict, transitions, or just growing pains. Couples therapy could be just what you need to create clarity, peace, and positive outcomes in your relationship.

Unified Family Therapy offers a type of therapy called Emotion Focused Therapy or EFT. EFT is an effective couples counseling technique that can help individuals identify destructive patterns that could be interfering with their ability to connect. Our therapists are trained with many different techniques to help you and your partner with whatever life throws at you. Book an appointment today. Call our office at 801-277-6851 or: