Our Team of Therapists at Unified Family Therapy

Unified Family Therapy provides mental health care in Draper Utah, and surrounding areas. We also provide 100% Virtual Therapy for your convenience. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective mental health services to individuals and families in Northern Utah. Our experienced team of therapists is here to support you on your journey toward healing and personal growth. Meet our team of mental health counselors. Each therapist offers a unique perspective and expertise. All of our therapists are licensed, AFCC trained, and highly qualified to meet your mental health needs.

Below you will find a list of our team members and a little information to help you get to know them. Call or text us today at 801-277-6851 for recommendations on who would make a good fit in your individual situation or Contact Us Online.

Meet the Therapists at Unified Family Therapy:

Unified Family Therapy is a great option for individuals and families in Northern Utah. We also offer convenient online sessions if you don’t live nearby and would like mental health counseling. We offer a wide range of services for families, individuals, and couples

Our Therapists Work as a Team to Support You

Unified Family Therapy therapists work as a team to support families going through diverse struggles which may include high-conflict divorce, children with high-risk behaviors, and other mental health challenges. Through evidence-based supportive services and collaboration with our team of professionals, we work together towards the common goal of fostering healthy relationships with each family we serve.

  • Treatment Plan: Treatment plans are created by the therapist and family members and are based on the needs of the individual client and/or family, and are completed within the first few sessions. The therapist will discuss the treatment plan and the possible course of services with the client(s). The treatment plan may change according to what is needed for the individual client and/or family.
  • Building A Team: Teaming is part of our goals at Unified Family Therapy. We strive to build a team to better serve and support each client and/or family member. The team consists of the client, family member, therapist(s), Guardian ad Litem, school administration, and/or other professionals. The purpose of the team is to help each client progress towards their treatment plan goals.
  • Empowerment and Self-Advocacy: Through a thorough treatment plan and a supportive team approach, we work towards the objective of less therapeutic and court oversight and more self-advocacy. Part of the accomplishment of this objective depends on the client and their participation and level of engagement in treatment plan objectives and process.