Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy at Unified Family Therapy

Unified Family Therapy offers therapy to individuals struggling with a variety of mental health issues that make day-to-day life challenging. Our therapists are trained and ready to help you navigate through life’s storms.

Therapy varies depending on the personalities of the therapist and the individual. Unified Family Therapy believes in offering a treatment plan that is individual. Services may be brief and solutions focus on one particular issue, or they might be longstanding issues that require attention. The therapists goals are to provide a safe and accepting atmosphere of trust that allows the client to explore maladaptive thinking patterns and ways of behaving that might impede life satisfaction and/or positive relationships.

Therapy also supports the client to practice new ways of thinking about oneself, new ways of reacting in relationships, and new ways of behaving that promote improvement in particular problem areas. Therapy requires a very active effort on the part of the client. In order for therapy to be successful, they client should work on topics discussed in the therapy session both during therapy and in their personal life.

Individual Therapy Education is available on our website. Click this link to learn more about topics related to individual therapy. We are dedicated to providing resources and education for the community. If there is a topic you don’t see and would like to learn more about contact us.

Unified Family Therapy is ready to meet your mental health needs today. Call now for more information or contact us online.