How to Move Beyond Your Past and Empower Your Future

by Gwen Davis, ACMHC

Have you diligently worked to overcome your past, emerging from the darkness into a place of deliverance? Do you find yourself in a positive space in the present? However, there may be individuals in your life who resist allowing you to become the person you aspire to be. They anchor you to the same old house and street of your youth, incessantly revisiting your past actions and behaviors that brought shame and guilt.

Despite your progress, these people remain fixated not only on their past but on yours as well. You yearn to tell them, “I don’t live there anymore! I have moved on, embracing the present and cherishing the person I have become.”

What If You Are Living in the Past?

But what if you haven’t moved on? What if you find yourself still dwelling in your past, trapped in the grip of shame and guilt, unable to overcome the hurts you may have inflicted on others? The reminders are constant, whether from those who articulate them directly or the mere sight of familiar faces that transport you back to the past like an unwelcome dream. You can’t honestly declare, “I don’t live there anymore” because, in reality, you are still dwelling in the past.

Unified Family Therapy Can Help You Embrace the Future

Unified Family Therapy is here to support you on the journey from your past to the present. Our team of therapists offers the guidance and skills necessary to overcome lingering guilt and shame. Don’t allow precious moments to slip away while living in the shadows of the past. Step into the present, and your future will be brighter and healthier. Soon, you’ll joyfully proclaim to others, “I don’t live there anymore,” grateful for the new home on a different street. The view from your current residence is nothing short of spectacular.

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