Back to School Mental Wellness Check

Boy with back to school signDon’t forget your child’s back to school mental well check! It’s easy to tell if your child is struggling physically because most of us recognize the signs, but did you know there are also signs for mental wellness? Unified Family Therapy offers a unique preventative yearly well check to keep your child and teen mentally strong and healthy.

Your child may just need a visit, or maybe a couple more. Either way, Unified Family Therapy will help you keep tabs on your families mental wellness to keep them happy and strong.

If you are currently navigating a mental health challenge, we can help. Whether your family is in crisis or you feel like you need a little more support. We also work with many schools to establish IEPs, 504 plans and more to keep your student learning and growing in the healthiest of environments.

Let our team of trained professionals give you peace of mind about your child’s mental health.