Ditch Your New Years Goals and Do This Instead

Whether you are an avid goal setter or not, the new year can feel a bit overwhelming and may inevitably cause some anxiety and depression. Often people set goals that are lofty and unrealistic. Though I am a huge believer in dreaming big and working hard, I am also not naïve to how quickly dreams come tumbling down when the goal is simply too large or frankly impossible. I propose that we ditch the New Year’s Resolutions altogether and instead set intentions.

What Are Intentions?

An intention is an idea, that you plan to carry out. Intentions are simple. They do not have deadlines or detailed execution plans. They allow you the flexibility to find, recognize, and improve an aspect of your character or perspective that essentially encompasses moments throughout your day, not just in one area of your life. Intentions are sustainable changes in your life rather then a one hit goal wonder. Intentions allow us to seek after and build core characteristic improvements or enhancements in our lives without all the stress and anxiety.

How Do You Set an Intention and How Does it Work?

I like to keep them to one or two words such as: love, hope, hard work, dedicated, motivated, healthy, confident or empowered. I like to regularly set intentions, but at the start of the year I always set one overall intention to focus on. This year, for example, I have chosen growth. I will look for ways to grow and improve all year. I know some of those opportunities will naturally come on their own, my job is to recognize them and take advantage. I will try to appreciate myself and my accomplishments more. I will also openly seek after growth in all areas of my life and allow my intention of growth to be authentic to what I need throughout the year, come what may.

More Than Once a Year

Beyond yearly intentions, I typically set weekly and sometimes even daily intentions. By setting up a simple focus and remembering and seeking after that intention I will meet and exceed my goals in a natural and almost effortless way. I hope at the start of this new year the anxiety that the new year brings will be lessened as you set the intention to be kind to yourself . Honor where you are at and what you truly need. If you set intentions, inevitably you will meet those intentions. I find myself being inspired by how my intention influence my day to day and how much better I feel that I faced my goals in a way that works best for me and allows me to make long lasting changes in my life.