Geek Therapy

By Melena Stevens

What Hogwarts house do you belong to? DC or Marvel? Who’s your favorite Disney Princess? Star Wars or Star Trek? Favorite TV Show or movie? Favorite Book Series/Author? What music do you listen to? These are questions I like to ask when I meet someone for the first time. You can tell a lot about a person by what and who they identify with in current pop culture. 

We are in a new era for therapy. When I was growing up, therapy was not talked about. It would be whispered about. Now there are memes about it. “Guess what my therapist said today!?” I love that therapy and mental health is becoming more accepted! And with that, means we have so many different ways we can approach it. In our society today, our passions are a huge part of our life. Fandoms, if you will. We’re ready to go binge the new show on Netflix, or go see the new Avengers movie. So, why not use that enthusiasm for things we enjoy to help us learn therapeutic principles. 

We can learn a lot from our fandoms. I have made Harry Potter be required reading for some teens. Harry Potter can teach us about grief and loss, foster care, how to stand up to bullying, how to face our fears. Heroes in both Marvel and DC have had traumatic events happen to them before they became heroes. Most lost their parents or caregivers. They also have weaknesses along with their strengths. All but one Disney Princess lost at least one parent, several lost both parents. When we can relate new skills we are learning with something we already know and understand will help us learn how to apply them to our lives. 

For the record, I am a Slytherin for life. Dr. Strange is my favorite hero because he got his superpowers by reading books. Belle and her library are the best. Star Trek over Star Wars, though I appreciate both. I love reading, and fantasy is my favorite. I love listening to 90’s alternative/punk. And I watch way too much Netflix. I am a geek. I’m weird. And I love it. I embrace it. I hope to help you embrace your unique inner geek while working on core issues. Live long and prosper! 

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