The Power of Your Thoughts

Do you understand the power that your thoughts can have over you? Your thoughts can push you passed hurdles too tall to see beyond and in the same regard can derail you from achieving your goals completely. Having an awareness of your thoughts and how they affect your behavior can be life-changing; from how you see yourself, to how you deal with the world around you. I have come to know and understand, personally, how important it is to be aware of my thoughts and that I can change the way I think and in doing so it changes the way I feel and ultimately how I react to the world around me. Understanding the ways my automatic thoughts catch me up or how my dysfunctional patterns of thinking keep me stuck has helped me process my problems on my own and move past challenges in my life. Becoming a therapist and learning techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) have been life-changing. I am no longer riddled with the anxiety and depressive thinking patterns that plagued me throughout my teen and early adult years. I now have tools that help me weather the storms of life and overcome my inner challenges.  

CBT focuses on talking about the problems you are facing and coming up with alternative thoughts that help shift your perspective and ultimately the way that you feel about the problems you are facing. It also helps the person identify how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence one another. CBT helps you identify and challenge your dysfunctional thinking patterns and use logic and reason to be in control of your thoughts instead of having your thoughts be in control.

DBT focuses on skills to help with the intense emotional reactions people face as they interact with the world around them. DBT skills help manage emotional responses and help the person learn how to respond to their world in a less emotional and healthier way.

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