The Benefits of Choosing a Co-parenting Therapist During a Divorce Over an Attorney

Rarely do I have people in my office that are in the midst of divorce that are doing so without serious, take you to court, conflict. Divorce is really hard and sadly there is not a divorce manual helping people get through it. So people turn to what they know or what they see on tv and hire divorce attorney’s and before you know it, the conflict that lead to a divorce somehow begins to fuel an even larger battle.

However, those clients who come for advice on how to navigate the challenges of divorce with their soon to be ex always save themselves and their children a lot of trauma. Not to mention co-parenting therapy is a lot cheaper then fighting things out with two divorce attorneys involved.

The whole purpose of co-parenting is to help you and your co-parent focus on your children and how to make decisions that will support their well-being even if that means one or both of you learning to set aside your own feelings in order to do so. Its not about the fight of who is right and who is wrong it is about continuing the journey you started of raising healthy, happy, and well-adjusted children.