The Power of Meditation

The power of meditation and mindfulness is proven and undeniable. Yet it is hard to do in the world we live in today. So much distraction and noise that it can make it hard to slow down and find the time to re-center and ground ourselves. Yet, it is the very thing that can power us through our busy days and weeks with clarity and determination beyond measure. Being mindful can be as simple as checking in with your body and your mind in the moment. Asking yourself how you are doing in every sense of the word. Begin setting the practice of mindfulness through daily meditations. You can find a plethora of meditations online or you can create your own. You can listen to them or read them. You can even find classes for meditation. Whatever your choice of meditation is choose one that is right for you that you can do consistently. As you do so, you will find a greater sense of peace and oneness within yourself. 

Just Breath Meditation

Take a breath. Slow down and feel the world around you. Not just the negative that forces its way in but allow the positive parts to shine light into your world. Release all the judgement you have for yourself today. Relax. Take time more slowly, allow the minutes to pass by one by one. Put down your to-do list, your phone, and just listen. Listen to the sound of the fan overhead, or the washing machine in the distance, or the birds chirping outside your window. Now listen to your body. Listen to the sound of your breath coming in and out. If you are very still you might even hear and feel the beat of your heart. The quiet can create a sense of calm and peace. One that you do not get often in the world we live today. Take a breath, this time fill your lungs full of air and hold it in for a few seconds. Release, and let out the stress of today and the pressure of tomorrow. Practice this breath a few more times before moving on. Allow yourself to be here, right now, in this moment. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling today. What do you need. Take time to determine what you need to do to see yourself, I mean really see yourself. Show yourself some kindness. Be gentle with yourself. What do you need. How can you take care of you. Do one thing for yourself today. Even if its just this short meditation. Soak in the control of your breath and the release of the tension through your exhale. Your body is powerful. Recognize its power and own your existence. You are valuable beyond measure. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Take time to connect with yourself. Feel the divinity within. Take a breath. You are worthy.